Canyon Song

In early morning this is a safe place.

Sage smoke dances.

Warm sounds echo.

Sunlight plays. Cloudy shadows

create contrast in red rocks,

green shrubs and blue waters.

In the afternoon, air drafts shift.

Life used to be one way

and now it is another.

Canyon lightening ricochets

thunderous distraction.

The dust you left behind

obscures the path. I choke and slip.

Fingers cling and feet dangle.

I tell myself to hold on a little longer.

Finally, allowance of inspiration

builds a bridge of bold trust.

I let go.

Landing on a rock precipice, I think

of you in the past tense. I am lost.

Ravens soar overhead and

caw me back to the now moment

of no time space.

Evening wind tastes like freedom.

Setting sun settles.

Starlit darkness whispers.

The canyon song flows and builds

a crescendo expansive

as the vista. Its deep, rich descant

guides my heart. I am home.