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Here’s What Readers Are Saying:

“I finished reading friend Laurie Robertson’s historical and romantic “Crossing at Sweet Grass” novel last night. Her significant research was evident with the name creations for the characters, the functional labeling of the tepees, the medical procedures, etc. The character construction was nicely done. The ending was well done. Several situations with questionable outcomes were woven into a reader satisfying finish”  …..Jack O’Reilly

                   “Reading my dear friend  new first novel Crossing   at Sweet Grass in my studio. I ordered it on amazon. I’m only on page 10 but I can hardly wait to see what happens next!”
                   “A delightful book! The thing that resonates throughout the book is that there must have been a tremendous amount of research done; as the view of Native American life is so beautifully constructed! I enjoyed it from the first page to the last!   The opening scene captured my attention quickly; and it took a number of chapters to get the back story – which I really liked. The main characters are well developed and add a richness to the story line. I particularly liked the opening poem and the Chapter titles.  The events at the end of the book kept me rooting for the main characters and kept me in suspense, right down to the last page!……Leslie Saari
  “I just finished your book and I wanted to let you know that I thought it was amazing.  I couldn’t put it down.   It was a beautiful story that was beautifully written. I hope to hear more from Laurie G Robertson!  It was fun, I read the whole thing in just a few sittings, which is pretty impressive for me. I didn’t want it to end! I loved being in such a fascinating time and place. The spirit magic was my favorite part. So interesting a world to have meaning behind everything.This has really sparked an interest for me in historical novels.”. . . .  Elizabeth Angov