Another Marketing Adventure

Saturday December 10

 The Lion’s Holiday Bazaar at the Ken Kunkle Center in Goldstream Valley was fun and festive.  About twelve vendors and lots of Gold Streamers who came in to chat and shop.  There was a silent auction and great bowls of chili for five dollars, all proceeds go to the firework display next week to celebrate Solstice.

Shoppers choose between great selections of beautiful silk scarfs, beaded works, northern light pictures, colorful artistic posters, snowshoes, jewelry, soap, food, birch bark frames and of course Crossing at Sweet Grass.  It was an occasion to visit, sell books and be part of the holiday season.

Outside, several young men were in the soccer field stomping down snow so they could play rugby.  Twenty below, three hours of daylight and several young people are outside yelling and having rugby fun.

Rugby outside, music and holiday shopping inside, only in the valley.

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